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Pedestrian Detection Aid

Vision Plus™ provides the operator of mobile equipment with real-time information concerning the location and tracking of pedestrians in the operating area around the equipped vehicle. For more information on system requirements and limitations, please visit:


Sudden Service, Inc.® is not only a leader in forklift and material handling service, we're also provide innovative ways to improve safety. It is our priority to maintain a safe working environment for all lift truck operators, warehouse personnel, and pedestrians alike.

We achieve this through proper training, certification, innovative pedestrian detection devices and of course a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that your lift trucks are functioning optimally and safely.

Safety Standards

Taylor® lift trucks are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the OSHA Safety and Health Standards (29 CFR 1910.178) and the recommendations of the Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation/American National Standards Institute (ITSDF/ANSI) B56.1.

Maintenance and Rebuild Practices:

WARNING: Very few "extras" exist on a workplace forklift. Every item, a lift chain, a cotter pin on an axle spindle, a door latch, or a hood lock, is an important "safety" item. Even the smallest damaged or broken item can result in an injury somewhere down the line. - Safety Check, 2nd edition, p. 59

WARNING: Use only genuine Taylor® replacement parts. Lesser quality parts may fail, resulting in property damage, personal injury, or death.- Safety Check, 2nd edition, p. 73

WARNING: Use only service replacement parts recommended by the manufacturer.- Safety Check, 2nd edition, p. 73

Safety Check Video Training Program

The Safety Check Video Training Program consists of 5 modules on 1 USB Drive. This USB Drive is only available upon request. For more information or to request a copy of the Safety Check Video Training Program please contact Julia Love at 662-773-3421.

Operator Safety Training

Under the regulations of OSHA and ANSI, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the proper training of individuals operating industrial trucks. Through the efforts of Sudden Service, Inc. and The Taylor Forklift Operator and Safety Training Program, you can be assured that your operators are properly trained according to OSHA and ANSI standards.
For more information contact:

Taylor Forklift Operator and
Safety Training Program

Contact: Louis Charron
Factory Safety Trainer
Cell: (504) 430-9124
Office: (662) 773-8056

Contact: Jason Battles
Factory Safety Trainer
Phone: 662-773-9121
Cell: 832-563-8349

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