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A Pedestrian Detection Aid

Vision Plus™ - A Pedestrian Detection Aid


Vision Plus™ - A Pedestrian Detection Aid

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Taylor Sudden Service offers three Vision Plus™ System to meet your individual needs.

  • Vision Plus™ Integrated is the newest product and is only available on Taylor® X-Series forklifts and material handling equipment.
  • Vision Plus™ Pro is available for most off-highway industrial equipment where pedestrian detection is needed.
  • Vision Plus™ Standard is a stand-alone unit not requiring MD3 or MD4 modules.
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About Vision Plus™

Vision Plus™ provides the operator of mobile equipment with real-time information concerning the location and tracking of pedestrians in the operating area around the equipped vehicle.

Vision Plus™ can be installed on virtually any type of off-highway mobile equipment. Different types of equipment operate in various applications and have unique requirements. Your application and equipment use is specific to your needs.


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